Thursday, September 13, 2012

Student Mailbox Labels

Why didn't I think of this myself?

That's pretty much what I say every time I go on Pinterest. Brilliant ideas that are so obvious, yet simple to do.

Binder clips. Typed student names. Tape. Done. I don't even want to mention what my method was before. Yikes!

The pin linked to nothing or else I would give some credit to whoever was clever enough to think of this genius idea. Here's the pin:

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Math Word Wall

So excited about my new math word wall! Our wonderful AA's got us these pre-printed words from the district which is so convenient for me. Loving these borders I stamped with a bingo stamper thanks to this pinterest post:

So excited to have a clear way to keep track of the math vocab words we are learning.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Objective Board

This is the Pinterest project that motivated us to make a blog. We used an idea we saw on Pinterest from Kristy @ Next To Heaven and modified it a bit to make it work for daily objectives in our classroom. After we got over our initial excitement that we actually created something on Pinterest (and called ourselves famous all day), we realized we had created a pin to nowhere which is a big pet peeve for both of us. Now thanks to this exact post you are currently reading, we can live with ourselves again.

 We bought dollar store frames, used scrapbook paper on the inside, attached 3M Command wall hooks, and simply write our objectives with white board markers.

Jillian & Ashley

This blog was born because...

We LOVE Pinterest with every ounce of our being. We HATE when Pinterest links go nowhere. This blog will allow us to link to any awesome creations we may possibly produce throughout our teaching careers.

I, Jillian, have been teaching second grade for 5 years in Arizona. Ashley has been my student teacher for the past 4 months. Fate brought us together as we both share a love of teaching, crafting, humor, and most importantly, Pinterest! We are both really looking forward to entering the world of blogging and keeping track of our infinite classroom adventures.

Jillian & Ashley